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The power and limits of data-driven campaigning: Two new books reveal the empirical side of politics

The TV-first, consultant driven campaign model has dominated up through the latest presidential election. And because TV is a medium that generates little performance data, nobody can say for certain how well it’s been working.

Two recently published books highlight the shift to data-driven campaigning beyond the confines of well-funded presidential campaigns.

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A basic intro to data analysis for communicators: It’s math, not magic.

If you work in any communications field, literacy in data analytics is increasingly important. You’re undoubtedly aware of this, but you may not be certain what exactly the discipline consists of, how it can help you, or what you can do to become better versed in the world of data.

Here's a look at basic terminology, categories of analysis, examples of how they’re used in communications, and recommendations for what to do next if you want to learn more.

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