Message + Measurement

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Communicate with Purpose

The modern communications environment is a challenging place to win the attention your cause deserves. But the same technologies that create this noisy, always-on atmosphere present significant opportunities for strategically adept communicators.

There are more ways than ever to get your message out, and the wealth of data generated by communications campaigns and digital properties can guide your work and dramatically improve your results – as long as you know how to identify which metrics matter and understand what they're telling you.

Metric Communications, LLC is a consulting practice focused on helping organizations create successful communications that are geared toward clear objectives, crafted strategically and evaluated through intelligent measurement.

The starting point is always your unique needs – not assumptions based on what everybody else is doing or the distractions of every new platform that comes along. Ultimately, what moves you toward your goals is crafting a message that will influence your target audience, identifying the best channels to deliver it, and using your campaign data to increase the impact of your work.

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